Ever hate your job?  Of course we all do at times.  I love my job, the problem is that I hate the people at my job who won’t do their job.  Working in retail, you can’t just leave them to take care of their job.  If you want to go home at a decent hour, you have to pick up their slack.  I so need to get out of retail!  Or at least the cleaning up part of it.  I was so frustraited tonight that I am very close to applying for a job at that cursed conglomerate known as Wal-Mart.  Honestly, I could make more at Wal-mart, but I wouldn’t get treated as well as st T J Maxx.


One response to “Work

  1. Walmart isn’t that bad. When I worked there you just do your job and go home. There are times when you do have to help in other areas, but if your a cashier you don’t leave the register.

    I started my new job yesterday. It’s hard! Lots of heavy lifting and reading sheets. It’s like learning a whole new language. It’s a good thing my brother is a patient man.

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