Ribbed Baby Hat Free Pattern

Free Hat Pattern

Ribbed Baby Hat
Using Baby weight yarn, cast on 76 sts on size 5 DPNs or 12in circular, work k2, p2 ribbing around until hat reaches 3.5 inches. Then start the decrease rounds.
Decrease rounds option 1 (Reversable, the ribbing continues all the way)
Round 1:  *k2, p2, k2, p2tog* around, end k2, p2
Round 2 and all even rows:  Knit the Knits, Purl the Purls
Round 3:  *k2, p2tog, k2, p1* around, end k2, p2tog
Round 5:  *k2, p1, ssk, p1* around, end k2, p1
Round 7:  *ssk, p1, k1, p1* around, end ssk, p1
Round 9:  *ssk, p2tog* around, end ssk
Round 11:  *ssk, p2tog* around, end p1
Round 12:  Knit the Knits, Purl the Purls
Cut a long tail and thread yarn through the remaining 10 sts and finish off.

Decrease rows option 2: (Knitting only on the very top, this one is not reversable)
Rounds 1-8:  As in option 1
Round 9: *ssk* around
Round 10:  Knit
Round 11:  *ssk* around
Don’t work round 12, cut and long tail and thread it through the last 10 sts.
© 2008 Dani Pace All rights reserved.

If you want to make an adult hat use worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles.  Work in pattern until hat reaches 6 inches then start the decreases.

I created this pattern because I couldn’t find a ribbed hat pattern that I liked the decreases on.  I might have lost some hair in the process.  I frogged several times to figure this out.  Just ask the husband.

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  1. Ohh you can change your blog name. Sure it’s under.. umm. Settings which is on the RIGHT hand side of your dashboard. I was thinking it was part your blog address “musicangel7” which can’t change, but you can change the name as often as you want…

  2. Is this lovely cap knitted in 8 ply or baby wool

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