Can I throw a tantrum too!

Emma decided to throw a tantrum just now.  She got all her toys taken away and her books, and the playroom for 2 days and coming downstairs for game night.  I am at my wits end.  I have no clue how to get her to stop.  nothing phases this kid.  If we get put on time out we scream, if we get things taken away we scream.  Any ideas?  I am wound up so tight that I want to throw a tantrum too.  Good thing I get to go to the yarn shop in a few hours.  Sorry Tina, your shawl pattern might get the brunt of my frustration.  By the way, the shawl is progressing very well.  Though I did have to fudge it again.

Peicful Creations shawl

Peicful Creations shawl

I promise not to touch it until knit night when I have had some time to calm down.


2 responses to “Can I throw a tantrum too!

  1. I was feeling exactly the same way with Abby a few months ago. Then I discovered 1-2-3 Magic, by Thomas W. Phelan. It doesn’t get rid of problems, as you saw at my parents’ house, but it gives a consistent consequence, and most importantly, gets me to stop talking and showing emotion too much. I highly recommend this book! Or you can check out the video if you prefer.

  2. Ear plugs! My almost two-year-old is starting to be loudly defiant and screamy at the least provocation, and I remember how helpful the ear plugs were when she was a baby. Might have to get them out again.

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