Welcome to winter.  It is now snowing in Logan.  It isn’t sticking yet.  I will take pictures if and when it does.  Luckily Eric got the hoses off the lawn when I was at my luncheon yesterday.

Yesterday I rode up to Pocatello with my manager and 2 other associates.  It was for a luncheon to recognize that we had been with the company for 5 years.  We ate at this tiny Italian place called Remo’s.  It was so yummy!  On the ride we found out that one of our old assistant managers will be coming back to stay at the end of December!  Can’t wait!  For the first time in a long time we will have a full team of managers and they will all be awesome!  Can’t tell you my excitement.  We get a new manager in 2 weeks from the pocatello store.  From what we here, he is awesome and he should fit really well with this store!

Also on the ride, I finished 2 more charts in Tina’s Shawl.  I got to a point that I would have to move the stitch markers so I put the shawl away and worked on Eric’s socks.  They may end up being a christmas present.  He has huge feet and I just don’t want to do them!  I will be doing several pairs of baby socks in order to get over the length it takes to make his socks.

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