Thank the Lord it is over!

I must say, I hate politics.  I am so glad that it is over.  I didn’t like either canidate.  I would have gladly voted for Obama if he showed any patriotism.  I am a military brat and my father served in Vietnam, my grandfather served in WWII.  I have friends who have served in the current war in Irac.  Paritotism means a lot to me.  I have no respect for him as a person.  I gladly place my hand over my heart when our nations flag is presented.  To me and many other americans, it represents those currently and in our history that have sacraficed it all for our freedom.  I am not comfortable about Obama’s comment about changing our national anthem.  “Bomb’s bursting in air” does not promote violence.  He need to take into comsideration the next line.  “Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.”  Amid the battle for our freedom, with all the fighting, our flag still stood as a monument of our faith, our determination and our freedom.  God has blessed this country.  I pray that Obama will keep his campaign promises and that God will not allow him to change things that are sacred to me and to this country.

Sorry I don’t usually go into such detail, but I feel strongly about this.  I am however greatful that my cousin Brandon will finally cut his hair.  He has been growing it out in protest of Bush and any republican in congress.

One response to “Thank the Lord it is over!

  1. I agree with you on it being over! I think he will do a good job in office. Any true American can see that the line bombs bursting does not prompt violence in the context of the song they just have to be reminded sometimes that Americans have fought for our freedoms and will always hope for a better tomorrow where they can have the peace they worked hard to protect. We need to be the ones to watch and know what is right and what is wrong so that we can teach our children so they know too. That way we will not fall when the day comes that we have to stand for what is right like freedom and knowing that the song is about hope that we are still here to be free.

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