Finished Object Friday

I have been in a bit of a blogging rut so I want to get back to this.  I don’t have any pictures because the last time I tried to upload pictures, my laptop crashed.  And the computer downstairs needs a new fan so that it won’t crash.  I will tell you that I have been very busy with the knitting business.  I am gearing up for Winter Fest.  I have several skeins spun up, several hats and other hand spun items.  I am looking forward to the craft fair.

Tina’s shawl was coming along so nicely, until I ran out of yarn.  Thank heavens I have more roving that is either the same color or close enough.  I am currently spinning that up so that i can finish that shawl.  I have knit 12 itty bitty bears in the last 3 days, 3 washclothes and 3 pairs of baby socks.  I am doing the baby socks on one circular needle and i am thinking that I prefer to do baby socks on DPNs.  They are so quick and you make them by rows and not inches so they always come out even.  Eric’s socks are coming along.  I have almost reached the toe.  These have been so boring that I have to force myself to work on them.  It is the only thing he has ever requested for himself so I am persevering.  I am at the point that I need him to try them on every few rows to insure that they will fit right.  He has claustrophobic feet so they can’t be too snug.  I will get them done before Christmas.

I can’t remember if I put this already, but at Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair, I created a monster!  I taught Kami to spin.  Now she is thoroughly addicted.  Her cat loves the wooly goodness too!  Don’t get me wrong, I love it, I was just not prepared for the sheer enthusiasm that we would share.  She truely has doven in with arms wide open.  She already has carders, and it looking forward to May when Notlwonk Springs has their anual wool trek.  I taught her how to process wool when she was up for Emma’s party and she has already washed the wool I sent her home with.


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