Daily Archives: November 11, 2008

Sunday with Family

Look, I outsmarted my computer.  I discovered that putting the SD card into the slot freezes the computer.  I got the cord and it didn’t freeze it!  Shh! Don’t tell my computer or my out smarting might just fail next time!

We spent a fun afternoon at my mother’s house.  My brother Matt was in town for work so we actually got to see him.

My sister and her family were unable to make it to Emma’s birthday, because of sickness.  They gave Emma her gift on Sunday.  She loves it.  It is a barbie that takes care of a momma dog and 3 puppies.  One of the puppies can drink a bottle of real water and then it pees when you squeeze it.  We have not tried it out yet.  Of all the vulgar things for a toy to do.  Really, can’t they leave some things for the imagination.  They even provide pee pee paper.