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I must tell you how much I hate SR-30.  I haven’t traveled it much.  Thankfully!  Yesterday, when we were leaving my parents, we checked u-dot’s website.  It said that Wellsville Canyon was snowy.  Chains, Snow tires or 4WD was advised.  SR-30 said that there were no restrictions.  So we headed up I-15 to take SR-30 into Cache Valley.  Well . . . When we got to Tremonton, I got confused and told Eric to take the Tremonton Exit.  I called my father.  We got lost again.  We back on I-15 and it was packed with at least an inch of 2 of snow.  Not many people were traveling north and it wasn’t well lit.  (I hate the Tremonton area!)  All the signs were covered in snow.  Luckily, we were able to see part of the sign that said Logan.  We got off I-15 and onto SR-30.  The roads were aweful and the wind was blowing hard.  I was having an anxiety attack and pulled out my knitting.  I would not have made it mentally if not for it.  Luckily I can knit by feel.  I didn’t have to frog any of the project, I though I would have to frog everything that I had knit.  Anyways, a truck passed us and we were no longer leading.  I felt better with his car lights in front of us and it gave more visibility.  Once we got to about 10th West in Logan than the roads were fine.  Needless to say, it was not a pleasant drive.  Nor was the last time I took SR-30.  Jorgia and I got lost then too.  And the canyon was just fine on that trip.  I think I almost would have preferred braving the canyon than SR-30.  Oh well, we made it home safely.

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve

Grandpa Pace’s birthday party and present exchange

The Sunday before Christmas

We had a lot of fun in Nursery on this day.  We let the kids dress up as characters from the Nativity.

Tooth #4

Tooth number 4 popped through last night.  No picture because the camera is packed.

Yarn Deals

Discounted Yarn

Discounted Yarn

$2 a skein.  SCORE!