Yarn Deals

Discounted Yarn

Discounted Yarn

$2 a skein.  SCORE!

2 responses to “Yarn Deals

  1. So, Marissa had her 18 month check up today. They had us fill out a questionnaire to mark what milestones she’s doing. The questions were pretty heavy ‘autism’ if you knew what to look for (like walking on tip toes, or strange hand movements around the face) It was hard. She actually does do a strange hand thing around her face… anyway. No words… No pointing… no engaging… sigh. Autism? Probably not, but who knows… she seems more delayed than my others.

    The doctor has known us for 8 years now, so he’s been through the other 2 girls and knows of their struggles. He told me that yes, M isn’t on level, but looking at the other Edgar girls, she seems to be doing okay. We could get her into up to 3 program, but right now I’m afraid that bringing a stranger into the house will really just make it worse. She has such strong stranger fear at the moment. He agreed and he knows that since we’ve been through this before we know what to do.. read, talk, sing, love her as much as we can and wait. He said if nothing shows up around her next checkup at 2, that we’ll get her into the system to make it easier for future things like headstart and speech at least.

    Sniff. I’m writing to you because you have heard me whine about it before. I know I’ve been through this before but it’s raw when you are doing it again.
    I’m sad. Mourning? She gave me a kiss today, all by herself when I was sitting on the floor with her. A kiss. A real treasure. A kiss of hope.

    Merry Christmas!

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