Lynny Loo

Kim interviewed her son on her blog and I thought it was really cute, so here is Emma’s interview.  I know, I am a copy cat.


How are you doing today?  Good

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Cheerleader

What would you do?  Um…Cheer

What kind of work does Daddy do?  Work on the computers up at Aggies.

What kind of work does Mommy do?  Work at T J Maxx

What does Mommy do at work?  Cleans . . . Puts stuff away and finds stuff in the wrong place and puts it away.  That’s like cleaning.

Who is your best friend?  Emma (the other Emma)

Why?  Because I like her.

What do you like to do best at home?  Play with my princess castle

What is your favorite way to help around the house?  Help cook.

What chore do you really NOT like?  Cleaning my playroom.

What’s your favorite game to play?  My princess game.

How many more kids do you think Mom and Dad should have?  2 (so reasonable)

What do you want to do tomorrow?  Um…play my princess game

Whats your favorite song?  I am a child of God

What’s your favorite movie?  Angelina Ballerina

What’s your favorite season?  Spring

Why?  Because we get to go outside and play around.

What’s your favorite color?  Pink

Whats your favorite thing to eat?  Jelly Sandwich

What do you want me to tell the people who read my blog about you?  That I love my sister.

Anything else?  That I like you guys (Eric and Me).

Are you excited to go to Kindergarten next year?  Yes


One response to “Lynny Loo

  1. I LOVE the picture of your daughter in the leaves. What a priceless moment. The idea of interviewing her is really cute. I’ve never seen that before!! oh, and the fingerless gloves… I LOVE them!!! You are so talented!

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