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Kim, you are Brilliant!

My friend Kim has this token system for getting her kids to mind her.  It is brilliant!  In just one day of implementing it, Emma has behaved better.  We still have our slip ups, but she is doing really great.  We have 2 sheets of paper with how she earns tokens, how she can spend them and how she looses them.  There was no lying yesterday.  She only lost two one point tokens for not listening yesterday.  She earned 35 tokens yesterday.  I never realized how much we ask her to help us out around the house.  I think I will be keeping her envelope in my purse and some extra tokens as well.  I love this system.

Sammie likes cake


Emma got some cake for her snack today.  Sammie had to have some too!

Joel and Ruthann’s Wedding


Emma’s Hair


Eric, Sam and Seth


Ruthann and Joel








The Car


There was no way that he was going to win.  Joel and Ruthann’s brother (Jeremy) were arm wrestling in a picture.  Steve hollared that he got to arm wrestle the winner, Joel immediately said something to the effect of heck no and gave up.  Steve let him almost win several times and then smoked him.


Always invite a knitter to your wedding.  We are resourceful!


Tule, floss and a needle.  Instant Bustle!


The whole Pace clan.

Finished Objects

News to report

I am so proud of myself!  I only have 5 projects on the needles.  Compared to my usual 12 or more.  I am so proud of myself.  Let’s see if I can keep it to that.  Probably not since my knit picks interchangable needles came last week christined one pair on a really quick project, but I love them so much that I want to use them.  I don’t want to change the gage so I can’t switch out needles.  Yes different companies really are different when it comes to needle sizes.  I also have a huge box of finished objects to show off.  If Sam takes a good nap today maybe I can get them all photographed.

Funny Sammie and our forgetfulness

We got all ready for church today and walked over to the church.  There weren’t many cars there.  Ya, today was Stake Confrence and we missed it by an hour.  Emma even let me curl her hair!  We forgot because both Eric and I were sick last week.

Happy New Year

Here is my traditional year recap


This year started out by switching not only wards, but stakes too!  I cut my hair in January and I am currently growing it out yet again.  I seem to go through this cycle after I have a baby.


We blessed Samantha on the Snowiest sunday.  My parents couldn’t  get out of their subdivision to come.  Eric’s parents and some of his siblings had a scary drive, but made it up.  Also in February, I posted my first 2 free patterns.  Near the end of February we celebrated my grand mother’s 88th birthday.


In March, I created my entrelac hat.  I still haven’t discovered how to write out the ending directions.    End of March, I had plans to knit during the week and sew on the weekends.  That plan was inspired by Kami, well . . . it never happened.


Easter weekend, we took off to Heber for Amy and Rob’s Wedding.  Kami drug Nona and I to a bridal show and we found Jon’s ring and got a bunch of things accomplished for her wedding.


First weekend in May was Wool Trek at Notlwonk Springs.  Lots of wooly goodness.  Shortly after wool trek I turned 26.  The day after my birthday, Eric bought me my wheel.  End of May, we had Kami’s bridal shower in SLC at TJI Fridays.  Eric turned 33.


June started out by getting the side by side double stroller.  Love that thing!  Then Bill broke my window.  Granted, he didn’t mean to, and it didn’t take much force.  Emma also took swimming lessons all through June.  The weekend of the 20th was a whirlwind!  The Thursday before we drove to Odgen, stopped and saw my brother who has just gotten here for a visit.  Then we continued on to Heber to Kami’s house.  Friday, I sewed a bag for my wheel, helped run errands for the wedding.  Saturday was Kami’s wedding.  After the wedding and the reception, we hopped in the car and headed to Ogden to spend time with my brother and my family.  Sunday morning, I woke up with my back thrown out.  My whole side of the family went to church to hear my parents speak.  Then we had a huge family party.  Then we proceeded to go home.   We welcomed Seth home from his mission on Tuesday.


Sam started crawling.  The 4th of July was spent in Ogden with my parents.  I got to see Wendy in all her pregnant glory, and give her her gift.  The same week that I spun out at the American West Heritage Center, we moved into the new house.  The week before we moved in we went to SLC and visit the aquarium with Alison, her kids and my family.  We also went shopping at the outlets and Ikea.  On the way home, we stopped by Gardner Villiage and checked out the new knitting shop, I wasn’t too impressed with it.   My great uncle passed away middle of July.


August brought the Cache County Fair.  Loads of Fun.


Sam learned to climb the baby gate, and got very misgevious.  Baby Hyrum was born.   September was also retreat.  Best weekend ever!  Can’t wait to go next year!  End of September  I made the jump from Myspace to WordPress.  I posted my 3rd free pattern.


We celebrated my grandfathers 93rd birthday.  Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair was the first weekend in October, I got Kami to join me and I taught her to spin.  Emma turned 5.  Sam cut her first tooth.


Samantha turned one.  Baby Alexis was born.  I got my new camera.  Sam cut her second tooth.


Sam’s 3rd and 4th tooth cut through.  We had Christmas and a scary drive home.  Then another 1.5 feet of snow added to our pile of snow.