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Silly Sammie


My sanity shall survive!

My Local Yarn Shop owner has announced that we will not be losing our Thursday Night Knit night.  She will be changing the store into a yarn co-op.  It will no longer be open except for knit night and classes.  We will still have retreat in the fall.  I am much releived.  She will tell us of the details of the co-op on the last of our normal knit nights.  I am relieved not to lose my sanity night.

Three teeth at once

No wonder Sam has been so onry.  We are cutting 3 top teeth, one molar and 2 front teeth!  Poor kid!

Weekend at Kami’s

I went up to Heber this weekend for National Quilt Day.  I set up my booth and did a demo of spinning.  Kami and I also learned to needle felt.  Kami and I also dyed in her tiny kitchen.  I like the size of my house for dyeing.  It was kindof hard in such cramped areas, but we still had fun.  Samantha met a new friend.  Bongo the cat.  Bongo wasn’t too keen on this however she did let Sam pet her.

We had a fun weekend.  While Kami and I played Eric and the girls lazed around at Kami’s place.  Emma did have to play with Kami’s mother-in-law Pam once they got home.

Finished Object Friday

Here is what I have been doing all week!

16 pairs of baby booties!

16 pairs of baby booties!

I have been a busy girl!  I have a craft show this weekend and I wanted to get my stock up.  16 booties in a week, I call that pretty dang good!

On a sad not my LYS is closing its doors on April 30.  Which means we have to find a new place to hold thursday knitting nights.  I offered my home, but when our group gets big enough (usually in the winter), we won’t fit.  If anyone knows anyplace in Logan where we can meet in the evenings for cheap or free let me know.  We have just over a month to find a new location or we have to disperse.

Extreme sheep herding

This is so cool!

Look what Sammie did

Sammie has done this twice this week!  Here is where she has been all night!

dsc_0018Usually she wakes up at 4 am and won’t go back to sleep until she is in our bed.  Yeah, we are finally winning!