Finished Object Friday

I am now in Market mode, and I won’t bore you with the 30 or so finished objects for the past 2 weeks.


I have crocheted 17 of these babies.  It all started when my manager that moved to Hawaii ordered 7.  Now I am almost done with them.   I am doing one in every color of cotton that I have.

hand-dyed-basket-weave-baby-hatI have knit 11 of these hats.  My own design.  I haven’t decided if I will post this as a free pattern or sell it yet.  This is also the hand dyed yarn from 2 weeks ago.  Didn’t it turn out fun!

green-and-gold-fingerless-glovesThese are Jo’s fingerless gloves.  I did a ribbed cuff again.  I think I have decided that I like the ribbing for the guys pattern a lot better than my first edging.

Ok, so not quite 30, but it feels like it.  I hope to finish my shawl and start a new one soon.

Everyone is still asleep.  I got up a half hour ago.  I don’t really want to be up, but oh well.  I can get blogging done before everyone is up to bug me.  Eric is taking the day off so that we can go to SLC and spend time with his family today.  I have hopes to hit Ikea while we are down there.  Tonight we have a party in Layton for my Grandmother and my nephew Bailey’s birthday.  Bailey is turning 9 today.  Happy Birthday Bailey!


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