Daily Archives: March 20, 2009

Finished Object Friday

Here is what I have been doing all week!

16 pairs of baby booties!

16 pairs of baby booties!

I have been a busy girl!  I have a craft show this weekend and I wanted to get my stock up.  16 booties in a week, I call that pretty dang good!

On a sad not my LYS is closing its doors on April 30.  Which means we have to find a new place to hold thursday knitting nights.  I offered my home, but when our group gets big enough (usually in the winter), we won’t fit.  If anyone knows anyplace in Logan where we can meet in the evenings for cheap or free let me know.  We have just over a month to find a new location or we have to disperse.

Extreme sheep herding

This is so cool!