I have been a busy knittin’ girl

Ever since Tuesday night, my Aurthritis has flared up.  So I can’t spin.  Walking hurts so I have been sitting and knitting!

I did however get the craft room cleaned because I couldn’t stand sitting so long so when my knees felt ok, I got up and cleaned it.  It was a much smaller job than I origionally thought!

I even got my binding cut for my quilt that has been waiting for a year to get finished.

Clue 4

Clue 4

Here is clue #4 in all it’s glory!  I love this pattern.  It now takes 2 days to finish a repeat because there are so many sts per row.

Gelato Bag

Gelato Bag

I finished this bag and felted it in the washer.   I only took a before shot, but once I have the button and clasp on it I will take an after shot.

Socks dyed by me

Socks dyed by me

Ankle socks

Ankle socks

These socks were knit off my sock blank.  There was so much left over that I made some ankle socks too.  I am so excited that I can get ankle socks after knitting regular socks that I am going to go back and make ankle socks with all my favorite left over sock yarn.

I am also headed to my doctor today to get something for my knees.  I can’t miss another day of work.  I had to take Wednesday off because I was in too much pain.  I will keep you up dated!

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