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Walking Totals June 29

Steps:  7866

Miles: 3.728

Sorry about the boring post but I am on my way out the door to spinners and I needed to record my totals before reseting the pedometer.

Saturday night mayhem

So I had to work Saturday.  While at work, my arch in my foot colapsed,  I had Eric bring an ace bandage to wrap it.  Well, even with it wrapped, I favored the foot and my ankle started to hurt.  So, I rewrapped it to support the ankle too.  Still favoring the foot, my knee started to hurt.  Moral of the story . . . don’t wear shoes without propper support to work.

While at work , I still managed 5972 steps which is 2.830 miles.

Poor Boobers!

Poor little Sammie, she smashed her fingers in Emma’s door.  Nothing is broken, but the doctor said that is is severely bruised and put neosporin on them and tape them together.

Now if only she will keep the bandages on.

Sprinkler Fun

I am patching some grass out front, it needs to be watered twice a day.  Emma decided that she wanted to run through the sprinklers so a water day was our solution.

Walking Totals:

Steps:  5895

Miles:  2.794

Newest Endeavors

We have embarked on many new endeavors since Monday.  Monday night while I was at work, Eric changed Samantha’s bed to a toddler bed and moved it to our room.  After my miscarriage, my parenting style changed.  I am trying a suggestion from Kim.  It will be a gradual transition.  So far so good, she hasn’t slept in our bed for 2 nights.

Toddler Bed

Toddler Bed

Crashed during story time

Crashed during story time

On Tuesday, I got these babies finished for the booth.

Pink Flip Flops

Pink Flip Flops

Crocheted Flip Flops

Crocheted Flip Flops

I found these at Summer Fest and just had to make some.  Aren’t they cute!

Today, while the girls played I was finally able to get my tomatoes and Lily of the Valley planted.

Tomato Plants

Tomato Plants

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

I had to replant these because Sammie tore them out.  Wish them luck.  I have never really succeeded with Lily of the Valley.  They are my birth flower and I love them.  Plus they are so expensive!  Just once I would like them to grow like Alice’s do!

I am also starting to once again to keep track of my walking.  Today I did 3260 steps which means I walked 1.545 miles.

Time for baths and bedtime!

Good night world.

The Luncheon at Katherine’s

After the grave site service, we went to my mother’s cousin’s house for dinner.  She has a wonderful house for entertaining.  I had never explored the yard before today.  They have a little “meadow” at the bottom of their hill that is quite cute.

We took pictures of the Barnes and Mather cousins.  I have several shots because they have so much fun that you can’t ge them to hold still.

It was a long day.  But I got to spend it with family and though it was sad.  I can take comfort that we will see grandpa again, and he is no longer in pain.

The Cemetary

We got out of the Mortuary a little after the hurse left.  The plan was to follow it up to Logan, well, no one got out fast enough.  We finally caught up the the hurse at the Light in North Logan, but we got stuck at the light and watched it go past.  Grandpa’s Spirit must have been behind that wheel.  He always drove fast.

My father dedicated the grave.  I am glad I was taking pictures.  I would have lost it when they played taps.

The Funeral

We arrived at the funeral home an hour before everything started, luckily Aunt Cathy was there so we weren’t the first ones.

The viewing was nice.  I am grateful to all the friends and family that came to show their support.




Shaylee (6), Jaden (3) and Emma (5)

These three are inseperable at any Barnes family gathering.  I am glad that Emma has cousins that she loves to play with.  That is how we grew up too.

The funeral was wonderful.  The stories that were told were all new to me, but not surprising.  I cried of course and almost didn’t make it through the 2nd verse of I am a Child of God.  My grandfather picked out the songs long before he died.

DSC_0009Grandpa Barnes

My cute girls and future flaggers

I found a Kool-Aid set at Albertson’s for $10.  The girls were so excited!  Every kid needs the Kool-Aid set.  I think my mother still has one of our old glasses.  Nothing more fun then drinking from a cup with a face on it!

The girls had so much fun with my flags.  Emma is now tall enough to do drop spins.  One proud Color Guard mother here.

Melvin J Barnes, My grandpa.

Melvin J. Barnes “Jack” Ogden 1915 – 2009 Melvin J. “Jack” Barnes passed away of causes incident to age June 11, 2009, at 93 years old. He was born September 29, 1915, in Smithfield, Utah. He was the first son of Henry and Nellie May Lemon Barnes. He was reared and educated in Smithfield and Cache County schools. He attended North Cache High School. Jack worked on the farm in his early years and after high school he joined the CC Camp in Logan. When he left there he went to California where he went to work for Helms Bakery in Los Angeles for 3 years. He was employed by Poulson and Nardon Aircraft Factory in Huntington Park, California, from January 1940 until November 1942 when he was inducted into the U.S. Army. Prior to his induction into the army he married Alice Mather from Smithfield on September 29, 1942, in the Arizona Temple. He spent 3 years in Europe with the 84th Signal Co. as a field lineman. He returned home in 1946 to Smithfield where he ran a farm for a few years before moving to Ogden where he worked for the U.S. Government at the Ogden Army Supply Depot for 32 years. In the Smithfield First Ward he served 4 ½ years as second counselor in the Bishopric, 3 years in the High Priest Quorum Presidency and a Stake Mission for 3 years. He loved hunting and fishing. He loved his family and friends. He was preceded in death by both his parents; 3 of his sisters; his younger brother and Jon Clifford a son-in-law. He is survived by three sisters, Anna Mather of Smithfield, UT; Afton Carlson of South Gate, CA; and Jean Yorba of Anaheim, CA. He is leaving behind his wife Alice of Ogden, UT; daughters, Susan (EuGene) Draper of North Ogden, UT; Sharon (Bud) Farmer of West Jordan, UT; Trudy Barnes of South Jordan, UT; and Cathy (Jon) Clifford of Layton, UT. He has 11 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 12:00 noon, Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at Myers Mortuary, 845 Washington Blvd., Ogden where friends may call from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. prior to the service. Interment, Smithfield Cemetery where military will be accorded.

We love you and will miss you grandpa.