Shooting on Thursday

We left Emma at Bill’s parents house to play with his mom.  She had a blast.  We brought Sammie to the field in hopes that she would fall asleep with the earplugs in.  Never happened.  I never shot, but it was fun hanging out and just watching!  We took videos of the exploding cans, I will have to have Eric post them to U-tube so that I can link them here.  After shooting, we picked Emma up and drove back into town and went to global villiage, where I bought me a spindle bag and another sock knitting bag.  After that we got lunch at Pita Pit.  Then Amy and I went to Night in Knots.  Miste taught us how to make baclava.  She also had spinacopata, Trecopata, and Stuffed grape leaves to sample.  Joy brought her new baby in and showed her off.  When we got home, we made Yaki Soba for everyone.  It was a very busy but fun day. I had some of the baclava for breakfast this morning.  It was good.

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