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Finally is appropriate for 2 of the pictures in this post.  Yesterday, I finally finished my Shetland Tea Lace Shawl, and today Logan City finally came to fill in the hole they jack hammered in my drive way!

July 24th Fireworks

Every year our friend John hosts a pot luck in his backyard for the 24th of July.  His yard is just behind where they set off the fireworks.  We have a great view.

At the pot luck, we finally me Justin’s Fiance Jody and 2 of her kids.

Island Park Vacation Day 3

I ended up getting up at 5:45 again because Eric couldn’t sleep any longer.  I grabbed my shawl project and blanket and headed to the camp fire.  It wasn’t too much longer until other people in the area were getting up.  Kenny started a fire and we made breakfast.  After breakfast we lazed around the fire for a bit then took off to Big Springs and John Sacks Cabin.  While there, we saw Seagulls, Huge trout, ducks and a muskrat.  It was fun.  When we got back to the campsite, we packed down and headed home, on the way home we detoured to Mesa falls.  It took an extra half hour, but it was so worth it!  We were also very close to the Tetons.

Island Park Vacation Day 2

I woke up at 5:45 am and trucked down to the lake to get a picture of the still water, then up to the bathroom.  I knitted for a little while on my shawl then got up again to make the fire for breakfast.  After breakfast, we packed down and drove into town to check out the antique shows.  I found me a Boyd’s Bear for $5.  While there we got the call from Aunt Margie that they were at the group site and we could come move in too.  So we headed back to the campsite.  At lunch, set up camp again, relaxed and met Uncle Kenny’s family until John and Britta arrived.  We had to hunt Emma down when they got there because she had already made friends with Amanda, one of Kenny’s nieces.  Tyler woke up while they were deciding where to put their tent, so I stole him until he got hungry.  While they were getting the fire started for dinner, we walked Abby, Landon, Emma and Sam over to the docks to look at the lake.  We got to see a boat being loaded.  For dinner, we ate Hamburgers.  We cooked on Kenny and Margie’s Camp chef.  We did smores again, but Sammie didn’t get one because she was so onry that Eric took her to bed.  She fell asleep to rock music.

Island Park Vacation Day 1

On Wednesday we drove up to Island Park Idaho to camp for a few days with family.  We weren’t passed on the information that there was a typo in the original invitation.  So we got there a day early.  We just went into the other area and picked out a campsite for the night.  We were right down by the lake.  We set up camp did some swimming, at least Eric and the girls did, it was way too cold for me, plus I don’t like to swim where I can’t see the bottom.  Then, after Sam had pooped on me (I hate swimmers diapers for that reason), we went back to the site and started a fire for dinner.  Eric found some wild strawberries.  After dinner, there was roasting marshmallows and smores.  We played a few games in between as well.  Then it was time for bed.  Sam didn’t want to sleep, but Emma was ready.


We went to Island park and camped for 3 days.  Got home last night, unloaded, went to a pioneer day party, watched fireworks,  came home slept, got up for farmer’s market, had a slow sales day, came home and we all crashed!  I promise updates tomorrow.

Finished Object Catch Up

I have been blogging over at Yarn Today’s Blog, and have been posting my finished objects along with everyone else’s objects that I forgot to post them here.  Here is a catch up!

Not so peaceful morning

Here is who showed up this morning.

They are replacing our water meter and the cover.  Why does Logan City have to show up so early and unannounced.

Oakley Ashton King

7lbs 2oz, 20 inches long

7lbs 2oz, 20 inches long

Welcome to the world little guy!

Comedic timing just like big brother Bailey

Comedic timing just like big brother Bailey

These are pictures from the hospital.  I forgot the camera at home today.  Thankfully they had uploaded some pictures to face book.

Lesson Learned

So, I showed up to knit night late today because I had my booth at the sidewalk sale.  Well, before I got there, Tina and Tina were divvying up my fiber stuff.  Just because I am late does not mean I am dead.  At least they make me laugh, but they are crazy, but in a good way.