Daily Archives: July 5, 2009


Crazy little girl!

Sunday Exploring

We decided to drive up the Canyon for a Sunday Activity.  Our first stop was 1st Dam.  Eric and Emma played frisbie while I finished my socks.

Next we took off to go find Rick’s Springs.  It was further up the canyon than I thought.  We ended up turning around a turn or two before we got there (checked the internet when we got home).  I thought it would be a great place to photograph my new socks.

When we got down from the canyon Sam was grumpy so, I had Eric drop Emma and I off at the nature center behind our subdivision.  I did get a somewhat similar shot for my socks.  Then Emma and I walked home.

Emma wanted some pictures of flowers.  I decided some nature shots would let me use the flower feature on my camera.

Finished Objects

I finished 2 more objects today.  One is a hat for a customer and then socks for me.  Both are knit out of my hand dyed yarn.

Finished Object

Sammie’s Leggings

I finished these yesterday.  Sammie likes them too.


Last night we went to the fireworks.  Sammie Love them.  Before the fireworks, we set some off of our own.