Island Park Vacation Day 1

On Wednesday we drove up to Island Park Idaho to camp for a few days with family.  We weren’t passed on the information that there was a typo in the original invitation.  So we got there a day early.  We just went into the other area and picked out a campsite for the night.  We were right down by the lake.  We set up camp did some swimming, at least Eric and the girls did, it was way too cold for me, plus I don’t like to swim where I can’t see the bottom.  Then, after Sam had pooped on me (I hate swimmers diapers for that reason), we went back to the site and started a fire for dinner.  Eric found some wild strawberries.  After dinner, there was roasting marshmallows and smores.  We played a few games in between as well.  Then it was time for bed.  Sam didn’t want to sleep, but Emma was ready.


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