Island Park Vacation Day 2

I woke up at 5:45 am and trucked down to the lake to get a picture of the still water, then up to the bathroom.  I knitted for a little while on my shawl then got up again to make the fire for breakfast.  After breakfast, we packed down and drove into town to check out the antique shows.  I found me a Boyd’s Bear for $5.  While there we got the call from Aunt Margie that they were at the group site and we could come move in too.  So we headed back to the campsite.  At lunch, set up camp again, relaxed and met Uncle Kenny’s family until John and Britta arrived.  We had to hunt Emma down when they got there because she had already made friends with Amanda, one of Kenny’s nieces.  Tyler woke up while they were deciding where to put their tent, so I stole him until he got hungry.  While they were getting the fire started for dinner, we walked Abby, Landon, Emma and Sam over to the docks to look at the lake.  We got to see a boat being loaded.  For dinner, we ate Hamburgers.  We cooked on Kenny and Margie’s Camp chef.  We did smores again, but Sammie didn’t get one because she was so onry that Eric took her to bed.  She fell asleep to rock music.

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