Monthly Archives: July 2009

Not so peaceful morning

Here is who showed up this morning.

They are replacing our water meter and the cover.  Why does Logan City have to show up so early and unannounced.

Oakley Ashton King

7lbs 2oz, 20 inches long

7lbs 2oz, 20 inches long

Welcome to the world little guy!

Comedic timing just like big brother Bailey

Comedic timing just like big brother Bailey

These are pictures from the hospital.  I forgot the camera at home today.  Thankfully they had uploaded some pictures to face book.

Lesson Learned

So, I showed up to knit night late today because I had my booth at the sidewalk sale.  Well, before I got there, Tina and Tina were divvying up my fiber stuff.  Just because I am late does not mean I am dead.  At least they make me laugh, but they are crazy, but in a good way.

Tuesday Morning Visitors

DSC_0131Yes, there are 4 ducks on my front lawn.  We aren’t very close to the river either.


Crazy little girl!

Sunday Exploring

We decided to drive up the Canyon for a Sunday Activity.  Our first stop was 1st Dam.  Eric and Emma played frisbie while I finished my socks.

Next we took off to go find Rick’s Springs.  It was further up the canyon than I thought.  We ended up turning around a turn or two before we got there (checked the internet when we got home).  I thought it would be a great place to photograph my new socks.

When we got down from the canyon Sam was grumpy so, I had Eric drop Emma and I off at the nature center behind our subdivision.  I did get a somewhat similar shot for my socks.  Then Emma and I walked home.

Emma wanted some pictures of flowers.  I decided some nature shots would let me use the flower feature on my camera.

Finished Objects

I finished 2 more objects today.  One is a hat for a customer and then socks for me.  Both are knit out of my hand dyed yarn.