Daily Archives: September 4, 2009

A Quick Update and a cute story

Emma started school on Monday and loves it.  My camera cord is missing so I will post the pictures when I find it.  Life is still insane even with cutting back my hours.  Even though I love the farmer’s market, I am looking forward to it’s end.  One more month to go.

Today when Eric was driving me to work Sam wanted her binky and we didn’t have one.  Here is how Eric’s conversation went:

S:  Bink, bink

E:  Does Emma have a binky?

S:  No

E:  Does Mommy have a binky?

S:  No

E:  Does Daddy have a binky?

S:  No

E: Can Sammie be like us and be without a binky?

S:  (After a little thought)  No! (Yes there was a definite explanation mark after that no)

Weaning this baby from the binky will not be easy!