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Tid bit

I have a camera full of pictures but I need to find my camera cord.  Until then, I leave you with the Muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

An update

I have been a very lazy blogger lately.  I am lucky if I get up pictures, let alone actually writing something.

Life is a little crazy right now, hopefully I will be able to settle into some sort of normal routine.  I started full time as the Jewelry Coordinator 3 weeks ago.  I am still working nights and weekends so we don’t have to do daycare.  I am super busy with the knitting business, I am getting commissions left and right.  I don’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time.  The baby makes me get up and pee.  I am 8 weeks along at this point and nauseous 75% of the time, and tired all the time.  The over the counter prilosec isn’t cutting it some of the time.  I just want to get through the next 7 weeks and things should calm down.  I go to the doctor again in a little over a week and there will be pleading for stronger prilosec and something for the nausea!  Can’t sit Indian style for very long either, my feet go numb.  This baby isn’t big enough to effect nerves but it is sure giving me a run for my money.  There was some cramping at 6 weeks, we went in and did an ultrasound and everything is fine, haven’t had any since and there was a strong heart beat so I am taking this as a good sign.  Sammie had a strong heart beat for as young as she was so I am not as paranoid as when I was pregnant with her.  I am still being careful, but I am not stressing about miscarrying.

Eric is still as USU, has to help out around the house more and is being a really good sport about it.

Emma is still loving Kindergarten.  She acts better at school than she ever does at home.  She is currently working on cleaning the wall downstairs, she wrote on it with crayon.  I thought we had gotten past this.  We had a meltdown the other day and she lost all her Halloween candy.  I am thinking Santa won’t be bringing much candy to our house this year.

Sammie has adjusted to Emma being gone for 2.5 hours.  I get mauled a lot while she is away.  She is so smart and understands so much, talking a lot too.  She was helping Emma clean last night.  She was so excited that she was squealing “I clean, I clean!”  Then she would run away to help some more.  She is just too funny.  I love the toddler age.  It will however be interesting to see how she responds to the baby.  Sam is thankfully still taking naps.  Eric wants to ween her from the binkie, but I keep reminding him that she won’t sleep without it.  I think at 3 we will try the “you are a big girl it is time to throw them away” approach.  Eric doesn’t want to let the new baby have a binkie.  I told him I won’t have a thumb sucker in my house.  Binkies can be taken away, thumbs can’t.  Plus addiction runs so high in my family and thumb sucking is linked to smoking addiction, I want to give my children the best chance I can to beat my family’s genetics.

Well, I think that catches us up for a bit.  If you are in Logan today, come to the Presbyterian Church on Center st and visit me at the Holiday Treasures Boutique.

Happy Halloween