Monthly Archives: January 2010

Sammie sings

Last night Sammie made up a song about baby Rachelle in tummy and that she was coming.  She isn’t talking as well as Emma did at this age, but she sure is perceptive!


About 2 weeks ago before a knit night, I stopped by fresh market to grab some snacks.  I found Onigiri.  They tasted so good that I just had to learn to make them myself!

Emma also approved.  She loves them she scarfed 3.  Just as many as Eric and I ate.  Sammie only demolished one, but once I dipped hers in the Yaki Soba sauce, she loved it!

It’s A

Girl.  Sorry, there weren’t any good pictures on the CD, I will have to have Eric scan in the 4d picture later.


Baby is fine, I am just sick.  Dehydration could have caused the contractions.  Lots of fluid and rest is called for.

Same as the last

Get to go to the Doctor again on the account of waking up with a fever of 102.7.  I’ll keep you updated.

Why oh why can’t I just have a normal pregnancy?

4:30 this morning I wake up and I am cramping.  By 6 it had gotten worse and I told Eric we had to go to the hospital.  The baby is fine and I am fine, blood work is normal, but I am on bed rest until Sunday.

2010 Resolutions

1.  Blog more often, whether I have pictures or not.

2.  Get the house cleaned before the baby comes.

3.  Bind the blanket I started 2 years ago.

4.  Stay sane until maternity leave, work seems to be high maintenance this year.