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Sammie sings

Last night Sammie made up a song about baby Rachelle in tummy and that she was coming.  She isn’t talking as well as Emma did at this age, but she sure is perceptive!


About 2 weeks ago before a knit night, I stopped by fresh market to grab some snacks.  I found Onigiri.  They tasted so good that I just had to learn to make them myself!

Emma also approved.  She loves them she scarfed 3.  Just as many as Eric and I ate.  Sammie only demolished one, but once I dipped hers in the Yaki Soba sauce, she loved it!

It’s A

Girl.  Sorry, there weren’t any good pictures on the CD, I will have to have Eric scan in the 4d picture later.


Baby is fine, I am just sick.  Dehydration could have caused the contractions.  Lots of fluid and rest is called for.

Same as the last

Get to go to the Doctor again on the account of waking up with a fever of 102.7.  I’ll keep you updated.

Why oh why can’t I just have a normal pregnancy?

4:30 this morning I wake up and I am cramping.  By 6 it had gotten worse and I told Eric we had to go to the hospital.  The baby is fine and I am fine, blood work is normal, but I am on bed rest until Sunday.

2010 Resolutions

1.  Blog more often, whether I have pictures or not.

2.  Get the house cleaned before the baby comes.

3.  Bind the blanket I started 2 years ago.

4.  Stay sane until maternity leave, work seems to be high maintenance this year.

Recap of 2009


We introduced a token system for behavior in our house.  It works great for Emma.  Joel and RuthAnn got married.


Kami and I delved into yarn and roving dyeing.  Yep, we are addicted.

Also in February was Lexi’s baby blessing.


I spent a weekend down at Kami’s for quilt day.  Kami and I taught a class on spinning and we learned to needle felt.

We celebrated Grandma’s birthday at Golden Corral.


April brought the death of my great uncle Conrad, my Grandma Barnes last surviving sibling.  Now it is just her.

Kami and I also did another dye day and this time we got a little out of control.


The first weekend in May brought Wool Trek, I drug Kami and Tina E with me.  We have fun and bought lots of roving, then we came home and dyed a lot of it.

May also brought 2 more dye days, one by myself and one with the Tina’s and me.


Was very eventful.  Grandpa went into the hospital and we knew it wouldn’t be much longer that he would be with us.  Next came Amy and Rob’s visit.  We dyed wool of course then took them to Ryan’s place park which is really cool.  Then Bill took us shooting in a field.

June 11 brought the actual death of my Grandfather.  After which followed the viewing, funeral and a family luncheon.  At the family Luncheon, my mother’s cousins were acting silly of course.  One thing I love about having the church in my life, is that I know this is not the end.  LDS funerals focus on that.  I will see all those loved ones that have crossed over again.

A few weeks later Sam smashed her fingers so hard in a door that we had to take her into the doctor, luckily nothing was broken though he did recommend taping her little fingers together for a few days.  She didn’t like that too well.

July 2009

July brought Independence Day which as always is spent at my mom’s watching the parade a lunch of some sort and the fireworks.  My favorite part is getting to catch up with old friends that are still in the Ogden area and some that usually visit at that time as well.

July also brought the birth of our little Oakley.

Then came vacation in Island Park with the Pace side of the Family.  We are definitely staying longer next year.

Immediately following vacation we went to John’s Pioneer Day cookout.  We brought Homemade root beer.  It was a hit as always.


August brought the baby blessing of  Tyler.  Yes he was born this year but I have been a bit of a neglectful blogger this year.  Also in August was the Cache County Fair.  My Shetland Tea Lace Shawl took Sweepstakes at the Fair.  August also brought Mosquito Fest, Eric’s co-worker holds a pot luck for everyone in the office each summer.  It is usually in July, but this July brought so much rain that it had to be postponed.    At end of August we took the Front Runner with my parents to SLC and shopped and got dinner at Gateway.  Emma played in the fountain, Sam did a little bit, but she didn’t like the water too much.  We also let each of the girls make a bear at Build-A-Bear.  I can’t believe I didn’t blog about it, but Emma started Kindergarten as well.


September brought Great Basin Fiber Arts fair.  Kami and I got a lot of shopping in and a cotton dying class as well.  Next brought Retreat 2009.  Miste taught us how to make our own manacotti, Rita taught a class on cables, I taught a class on Rag Rug tying, Tina E did another lace class and Tina H. taught Subliminal dying.


October brought the news that we are expecting again.  Emma turned 6 and announced shortly after that she had a boyfriend.  Thankfully after investigation having a boyfriend consists of just playing together.  What a relief!  Though she did kiss him on the cheek.  So we had a talk about no kissing until she was at least 16.  Also this month I started full-time as the Jewelry counter lead.  For Halloween Sammie was a Strawberry, Emma was a 50’s chick, I was a witch and Eric was a Vampire.


Sammie turned 2 and her cake was the first homemade cake either of my girls have ever had.  Thanks again Kelley for making it.

This year we spent Thanksgiving day at my mom’s with only the immediate family and Grandma, every one else had other plans this year.  The day after was spent celebrating Lexi’s first birthday, then a dinner at the Pace’s.  The Saturday after, we took a little shopping trip to check out the remodel at the West Jordan T J Maxx (I want the new jewelry counters!), then to Old Navy for some long sleeved Maternity shirts and pants for Eric, then out to IKEA for a shelf for our bedroom, that is still with Bill getting stained, must remind him about it.  After that we had to head straight for the Putnam Christmas party.  The kids had such a blast with the 2 Pinata’s and playing with their cousins.


Christmas was busy and so was new years.  Amy and Rob visited before Christmas, then we spent the 23rd with Eric’s parents and the evening of the 24th at my Aunt Sharon’s house with the Barnes side of the family.  Then we drove home, put the girls to bed.  It was so nice not to tote Christmas this year!  Christmas morning was a little more eventful than we wanted.  Eric sliced his hand open while trying to get Sammie’s doll out of it’s package.  We waited until my parents got here and then they watched the girls while I took Eric to the emergency room.  Only 4 stitches though and nothing vital was cut.  New Years Eve brought Amy and Rob back for another visit, there was much gaming this weekend and I was completely worn out, but it was good to see them.  Can’t wait until Amy graduates this summer.  They might settle here in Cache Valley.