Poor Emma

Just when I am finally feeling good again, poor Emma breaks out in a rash.  Right now it is only on her hands.  My friend who runs a soap shop told me to follow these steps and that it is most likely a chemical reaction to fragrances.

1.  Switch my detergent to Tide Free

2. No more lotion, soap, etc with fragrance

3. No more dryer sheets or fabric softener (we haven’t used dryer sheets in 6 months.  Eric bought some to use with the fleece blankets 2 weeks ago and this allergy shows up.)

4.  On surfaces, steam clean instead of using harsh detergents. (I like steam cleaning, I put a portable steam cleaner on my wish list at Amazon)

5.  Install a water softener

I am starting with the first 3 with hopes of getting the steam cleaner before too long.  I am not sure about the water softener because it is not in out budget.  I’m putting vaseline on her hands until the rash heals.  If it doesn’t go away before Monday I am going to call the doctor and see about getting her in.

I guess when I complained about not having anything interesting to write about God decided to throw me a curve ball.  Life is just funny that way.

2 responses to “Poor Emma

  1. Hmm Tina mentioned staying away from Mineral Oil and some of the websites I pulled up said Vaseline is just another form of Mineral oil. Might want to check that out.
    If she’s dry, maybe something like olive oil would be good?

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