Brains and a very dumb moment.

So, Eric and Emma taught Sammie how to be a Zombie.  Some days out of the blue she walks around with her arms out  in front of her and says, “Brainssss!”  Well this morning she put a new spin on it.  She walked up to me and said, “I eat brains.”  Weird little girl.

The dumb moment was I twisted my foot on the walk home from picking up Emma.  It hurt really bad, I was able to get home and put Sam down for her nap.  Well, after I got her in the bed, I discovered that I could no longer put any weight on my foot without being in extreme pain.  Emma had no way of getting me an ice pack for it.  Luckily Eric was taking a half day because I didn’t sleep much last night and was supposed to work tonight. (Thank you so much for taking my shift tonight Matt!)  When Eric got home about 20 minutes later, my foot was swollen and I have what looks like a goose egg on the side of my foot.  I have been keeping ice on it for the last 2.5 hours and I hope to be back on my feet tomorrow.  Needless to say I feel really dumb and I still hurt.

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