Monday Mayhem

Here is what we did on Monday.

Monday morning we woke up to Samantha without a diaper on.  She had wet the bed as well.  This determined that I would be starting with the pastel laundry this morning since we only have one set of sheets for her bed.

I was down stairs switching out a load of laundry when I heard an enormous crash with some bangs associated.  I run up the stairs to Sam’s room and I can’t see her, but she is sure wailing.  There is a dresser on top of her.  I lift the dresser and pull drawers off her, pull her out and let the dresser fall to the ground again.  I call Eric in a panic and tell him to come take us to the emergency room.  He rushes home and picks us up.  I called Bill to pick up Emma from school, then call the school to let them know that Bill will be picking her up.

Here she is in her hospital gown.  The doctor examined her and thought that there was no worry for internal injuries or neurological problems but they wanted to observe her for a little while and see if she could keep food down.  So she got a popsicle.

After she proved that she could keep food down they let us go home.  When we got home I took a picture of the dresser.

This was after the fact.  It is standing up now, but needs to be repaired before we can use it again.

Bill brought Emma home shortly after we got home and got to work.  He put the bolts in the top bunk so it no longer had to be secured with rope.  Then he inspected the dresser to find out what was needed to fix it.  A few of the drawers broke when it fell, but they seem to fixable.  Next he built my shelves in the den closet.

Eric and Emma unloaded the boxes of games onto them and look , there is still room for more underneath, 3 boxes to 3 shelves.

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