It’s Break Down Time

Not mine, my children’s

Every one tells me it is so hard to adjust to having 3 kids.  I am thinking it has been harder on Emma and Sam than it has been on Eric or me.

Emma just had a huge breakdown over cleaning her playroom.  It has been her chore for almost a year.  She is usually really good about putting toys away when she is done playing with them.  We told her she had 2 choices, she could:  1 go clean her playroom or 2 loose all her toys.  She opted for #2 until we told her that it included her Wii games and movies.  She then said she couldn’t decide.  I told her that if I decided that I would take the toys away she didn’t like that.  Eric told her to go clean her playroom and she reluctantly went.  Eric wanted to put her down for a nap, but I said no because that would get her out of what she didn’t want to do.  The first day the girls were home, Eric told them to go get in the car to go to the library while we did something inside.  Sammie started screaming so I went to the doorway and saw Emma hit her sister.  Needless to say Emma stayed home in her room instead of going with daddy.  Today she is missing out too.  Eric and Sam are on their way over to a friends house to pick something up and had Emma gone downstairs to clean when I said it was time to clean, she would have been allowed to have a break and go with as well, but we had the break down.

Sam has been the usual 2 year old and not wanting to share.  She wants to be the one who helps with baby Rachelle.  She freaks out when it is Emma’s turn to help.  I thought she would be jealous of her . . . no, just still jealous of Emma.

I think the only problem we have is being out numbered by Sam.  Everything has to be Daddy right now.  She won’t hold anyone else’s hand.  I can’t carry the car seat yet, so if we go anywhere, I have to grab her hand so she’s not running off.  She screams until Eric can grab her hand instead.  Sam may just have to start being the last one out of the car from now on.  No skin off my nose on that one.

Where again is adjusting to 3 hard?  All this is usually everyday things at our house.  Does it take longer to set in?  Am I missing something?

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