Funny Children

Sammie was hilarious yesterday.  She was running around the house yelling, “Emma, Emma, change my bum!”  Too bad she didn’t convince her.

Also last night, Sammie walked on Eric’s back for him and then watched him finish popping his back.  He twists his body in some weird way.  Sammie decided that when he was done that it was her turn.  Watching her try to twist her back too was funny!

Sam walking on Dad

Dad walking on Sam

Tonight at dinner, Eric was teasing Emma about something and she called him a lier.  Eric replied that he was standing.  She didn’t get it.  We started laughing.  She tried to call him a lier again while he was sitting, and he said, “No, I am a sitter.”  She didn’t get that either.  Next she asked what a sitter was.  It was hard to stop laughing.

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