Rachelle’s visit to the audiologist.

Rachelle failed the newborn hearing test at the hospital before we left. We went back a week later and she still failed to pass. This morning, we went to USU’s audiology department and had an extensive hearing test. We did a repeat of the test they do at the hospital and she failed. They measured how well her eardrums move and they are fine. Next we went and did an electrode test to make sure her brain stem was making the connection with the sounds. She passed with flying colors. We will be going back for a re-screen in about 3 months to make sure that everything is progressing well. During the last test, Rachelle decided to poop 3 times and had to eat as well, but all and all she was a pretty good girl. But no hearing disability and we have nothing to worry about. If Eric’s picture of her shows up once we upload it to the computer I will post it.

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