Staycation Day 4

We had an interesting day yesterday.  We got up and ran to wal-mart to get the 2 ingredients I was missing for snickerdoodles.  When we got there, the car was wobbling really bad.  We got out of the car and found this.

Apparently it happened on the freeway the night before.  Thankfully we made it safely home.  Eric put the donut on and we drove home.  Thankfully we have some extra tires in the garage that are the same size.  I have to buy new tires before inspection this year, but payday isn’t for a few more days.

The plan for today was to go to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum on main street and then get ice cream cones.  When we got home, we walked down to main street instead of driving.  Emma loved the museum.  The lady there taught her a lot of things.  After the Museum we went over to the visitors information place and got a lot of brochures about Cache Valley.  I want to do a lot of fun free stuff this year when I have a Saturday off.  Next we went down to the old fashioned candy shop that just opened on main street.  We bought Aggie ice cream for all of us.  I had the sherbet since I am sensitive to whey and they use a lot in their ice cream.  Sammie thoroughly enjoyed hers.

It was about 3:30 by the time we got home so I didn’t have time to make the snickerdoodles.  We watched an episode of stargate.  Then we made sandwiches and headed down to the park for knit night.


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