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The Weekend Before the Big Event

July 2nd

We started out this weekend at the Logan Tabernacle watching Tumbleweeds perform.  Here is Ugly Earl (his nickname) and Steve performing “Surrey with a Fringe on Top.”  Earl is always the comedian.

He usually wears the same black cowboy hat that Steve is wearing.  Steve didn’t know this was coming because it was the first time they performed this song in public!

After the performance, we headed to Ogden.  Sammie is my little mommy now.  Here she is burping her baby.

Sammie and Emma got to play at grammy’s house all afternoon and in the evening while Eric, Rachelle and I were at my 10 year reunion.

Before the reunion, we stopped by and visited Wendy and her family.

At the reunion, We hung out with Brandon and his wife.  You did excellent this time Brandon.  As always, Brandon knows all the dirt.  He keeps me informed.  We had fun.  Some people still haven’t changed in 10 years.  It was interesting to see where everyone was.  Have of the people there were pregnant or just had a baby.  There was a good mix of people of all the different social groups.
Rachelle did really good at the reunion, it was quite loud.  She was good until the very end, Eric took her outside and she calmed right down.

July 3rd was Cherry Days in North Ogden, we go every year.  Here are some of the highlights of the parade.

Wendy and Rachelle

My Sister, her husband and Oakley.  The other kids were getting candy.

My band director is back at Weber!  Awesome.  He will revive the band program.  He also hates having his picture taken.  Hee Hee.  Sad that after all these years we still torture him with this.  I tagged him on facebook too!
Look!  Look!  There is a Color Guard!  They even have 2 boys on the team!  Awesome!

After the parade, we met my grandma and had lunch at Dylan’s.  I had an awesome Roast Beef sandwich!  Thanks for lunch Dad!

Oakley in Braden’s hat.  He has such a good mix of all the kids in him.  Usually he looks like Bailey and Shaylee, but in this picture, he looks just like Braden!

My little hippie!  I was too lazy to reload the picture the right way so you will just have to cock your head to the side.

Grandma Barnes and Rachelle.  Isn’t she the cutest 90 year old you have ever seen.  And yes, she is still driving!

After Dylan’s we went to Winnco to get some corn.  $50 later and a trunk filled with groceries, Eric now loves this store as much as I do.  Just wish we had one in Logan.  I would so stop shopping at Wal-Mart!

Next, we drove to the Newgate Mall to visit Karen at work.  I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of her holding Rachelle!  She gave me a baby gift of several cute outfits and a blanket.  She works at Gymboree.  Thanks Karen!  We love the outfits!

After that, we went’ home to my parent’s and watched a movie then packed the car back up.  Amazingly, we fit everything back in.  We took off early for the fireworks.  T-Minus 5 was performing.  I had missed their performance at summerfest last month so I wasn’t going to miss this one.  My parents, my sister and her family met us there later.  The girls had fun playing while we waited for the show to start.

My adorable girls!

Happy 4th of July!