Catch up time!

Farmer’s Market is over for the season and I will be able to breath again in 2 weeks.  I still have one more craft fair.  The knitting front is quite busy.

Rachelle is almost 5 months old.  She is grabbing at toys and screeching, she very rarely just coos anymore.  Rachelle has started solid and loves them.  She is a much better eater than either of her sisters.  I hope that bode well for the future!

Sammie is as defiant as ever and I have no clue how to deter her.  I swear Emma wasn’t this hard.  She still has her sweet moments and I cherish those when they come around.

Emma is a big first grader and just turned 7.  She loves school and is excelling.

We’ve had a busy fall.  We were able to squeeze in a trip to the American West Heritage Center and participated in their fall festivities.  Mazes and other activities.  Emma just turned 7 this last weekend, we had a family party and only half of each side of the family made it.  Emma had a rice crispy treat cake.  It went over really well.  I think I will do the same for Sammie’s birthday, but I will have to double the amount I made this time.

Eric’s father has been in the hospital for the last 5 weeks with complications due to pancreatitus.  He goes in for surgery today and hopefully it will help him get better.  Please keep him in your prayers.


One response to “Catch up time!

  1. Your family is so cute! Those girls are growing up so fast!

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