New shoes and finally the perfect knitting bag!

I decided that my old ratty black Sunday shoes needed to be replaced before Seth and Chari’s wedding.  Well, there were no cute black shoes to be found, so I bought these, and they just happen to coordinate with the colors of the wedding.  I have never bought a cute printed shoe before, I am very excited about these.  Granted, I will still have to find some black shoes for church as these will only go with some of my outfits, but they were so cute and affordable!

I also, for the same price found me the perfect knitting bag!  There is a pocket for my purse stuff, a pocket for my e-reader and a big pocket for my knitting, and it is way cute!

I am blogging from Eric’s computer since mine is still dead.  Hopefully that will be rectified soon!  WordPress isn’t very compatible with the photo system Ubantu uses, I have to upload them to facebook and URL them here to make it work.  Only took me an hour to figure out.  I want my computer back, or at least one that is using windows 7.

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