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Funny Children

Sammie was hilarious yesterday.  She was running around the house yelling, “Emma, Emma, change my bum!”  Too bad she didn’t convince her.

Also last night, Sammie walked on Eric’s back for him and then watched him finish popping his back.  He twists his body in some weird way.  Sammie decided that when he was done that it was her turn.  Watching her try to twist her back too was funny!

Sam walking on Dad

Dad walking on Sam

Tonight at dinner, Eric was teasing Emma about something and she called him a lier.  Eric replied that he was standing.  She didn’t get it.  We started laughing.  She tried to call him a lier again while he was sitting, and he said, “No, I am a sitter.”  She didn’t get that either.  Next she asked what a sitter was.  It was hard to stop laughing.


Catch up time again

We have been very busy around here.  I have definitely reached the nesting point of my pregnancy.

Sam and Emma have been moved into the same room.  Sam has not had the binkie for one week and has been coping fairly well.

Sammie Helping Daddy

Emma Helping Dad

A brand new Bed

Last night we finished up Rachelle’s room.

The bassinet is set up too.

I plan on repainting the girls wall pink and we have some princess and fairy vinyl stickers to put up too.  That might wait until I am on maternity leave.  I don’t think I have that much energy right now.

All of the bed rooms are cleaned and organized and are actually staying that way.

My C-section is scheduled for June 3 and it can’t come soon enough.

Mommy, Daddy Help

This is what we heard from the bathroom . . . when we got there, Emma was trying to plung the toilet all by herself, and the toilet was overflowing.  We had to explain to her that she isn’t big enough to plung the toilet and she needed to get mom or dad.  The curse of independant children!

Christmas Day

Fun in the Snow

Sorry for the lack of posting, my computer is at the shop getting fixed before the warranty runs out.  Eric’s Laptop has Vista and you can only upload one photo at a time.  It takes hours to post anything!

Emma and Sam

Emma and Sam

Sam wasn’t sure what to think of the snow.  She just wandered around helpless, and fell alot.

Can I throw a tantrum too!

Emma decided to throw a tantrum just now.  She got all her toys taken away and her books, and the playroom for 2 days and coming downstairs for game night.  I am at my wits end.  I have no clue how to get her to stop.  nothing phases this kid.  If we get put on time out we scream, if we get things taken away we scream.  Any ideas?  I am wound up so tight that I want to throw a tantrum too.  Good thing I get to go to the yarn shop in a few hours.  Sorry Tina, your shawl pattern might get the brunt of my frustration.  By the way, the shawl is progressing very well.  Though I did have to fudge it again.

Peicful Creations shawl

Peicful Creations shawl

I promise not to touch it until knit night when I have had some time to calm down.

Felted Clogs and Hair

Emma actually let me do her hair today and I felted her clogs.  Don’t tell her that they are for her, they are a christmas present and she still hasn’t figured it out.