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All is well

I didn’t realize that I had left the last post last year on this blog as such a downer. Eric was finally able to find a job about a year ago. He works for and we are hanging in there. My dreams of being a stay at home mom did not come to pass. Maybe someday. This last year has been a whirlwind. Emma started Girl Scouts and loves every minute of it. Eric’s oldest brother moved to Logan. We are no longer alone up here. Sammie continues to improve with her speech therapy. Rachelle is 2 and a half and it’s looking like she will start potty training soon. I am still working at T J Maxx. A few months ago Eric and I were both called to serve the youth in our ward. I am in the young women’s and Eric is in the young men’s. Life is sure busy around here.

Catch up time again

We have been very busy around here.  I have definitely reached the nesting point of my pregnancy.

Sam and Emma have been moved into the same room.  Sam has not had the binkie for one week and has been coping fairly well.

Sammie Helping Daddy

Emma Helping Dad

A brand new Bed

Last night we finished up Rachelle’s room.

The bassinet is set up too.

I plan on repainting the girls wall pink and we have some princess and fairy vinyl stickers to put up too.  That might wait until I am on maternity leave.  I don’t think I have that much energy right now.

All of the bed rooms are cleaned and organized and are actually staying that way.

My C-section is scheduled for June 3 and it can’t come soon enough.

Front Runner

Yesterday after Farmer’s Market, we came to Ogden and took the Front Runner to SLC.  It was our first time on the train.  While waiting for it to arrive, we toured the trains at Union Station in Ogden.

We went to gateway and had dinner then did some shopping.

We tried to visit Ranna at J. Crew, but she wasn’t working.  We kind of figured she wouldn’t be but stopped in anyways.

Next we went and played in the fountain, then went to build-a-bear.

Shopping at the gateway made me realize how much I LOVE T J Maxx prices!

Christmas Day

Fun in the Snow

Sorry for the lack of posting, my computer is at the shop getting fixed before the warranty runs out.  Eric’s Laptop has Vista and you can only upload one photo at a time.  It takes hours to post anything!

Emma and Sam

Emma and Sam

Sam wasn’t sure what to think of the snow.  She just wandered around helpless, and fell alot.

Tooth #3


Tooth #3 and soon to appear tooth #4.  My guess is that it will pop through tomorrow.

I am a slacker!

So, I didn’t get my stuff posted yesterday…

Saturday night after Wii at Britta’s, I had a panic attack about all those people who I would have to face at confrence.  I told Eric to find someone to go with him.  He took his brother Seth.  They had a great time and I was able to relax and listen to confrence.  It has just been the past year or so, but I have found crowds uncomfortable.  After the first session, we got an updated picture of all the pace grandkids.

Landon, Abby, Zach, Jared, Emma, Mathieu, Samantha and Anna

Landon, Abby, Zach, Jared, Emma, Mathieu, Samantha and Anna