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1st Ponytail!

Rachelle’s hair is long enough that I put it in a ponytail yesterday!

Sorry for the blurry picture, I took it from my phone and she is fast!  Should have used the Nikon.

150 IBB

150 Itty Bitty Bears!  I hope there is enough for Market this year.

Seth and Chari

Congrats you too!  We were very blessed to share this weekend with you!

Dye day 2011

Kami and Amy came up to visit a couple weekends ago, we went for our usual pie, though it ended up being breakfast food instead.  We had a dye day planned with my knitting group.  We all met up at Tina’s soap shop and played with color.

Lacy Fingerless Gloves

A friend brought a pair of these gloves to me and asked if I could make a pattern of them.  After some hair pulling, I succeeded in recreating these cute gloves.

This, like all of my patterns are published on Ravelry.

Ravelry Link

Check out my new patterns for sale page, when we resurrect the old laptop I will add more pictures to go with the other links on the page.


I love Ikea

Our kitchen table gave out a few months ago and we were in need of a new one.  I was planning on having to spend at least $400 to buy a new one.  Nope $178 at Ikea!

Plus it collapses when I need more room in the kitchen.

I like that there is storage on the center column as well!

Knit Night

We are now officially the Tuesday Night Tinks.  We had a huge group tonight and everyone had finally come out of their shells, we were laughing and talking and loud as we used to be.